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stressing about shifting? here’s how to get on top of your packing

stressing about shifting? here’s how to get on top of your packing

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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moving homes is more stressful than going through a divorce for most people.
yes, in a survey conducted by E.On, six out of ten people cited moving homes as the most stressful life event, with heartbreak or divorce coming in second. yet, shifting houses is common for millennials who’d rather move around the globe for better opportunities than stay in one place for their entire lives. 
did you know that 59 percent of people move from two houses before they turn 18?
clearly, moving homes is a part of life for most people. however, it doesn’t have to be as stressful when done right. here are five tips for managing your movement better without any unnecessary stress or anxiety:

declutter your home
minimalism is in! well, we are not saying that you give up everything but the essentials (which, by the way, is a great way to declutter your house and your life), but you can always start by giving away stuff that you haven’t used in the past six months or think you won’t use in the near future.
there are many benefits of this approach.
by giving away the things you don’t need, not only do you earn good karma, but you can also organise a garage sale to earn some moolah. besides, you end up with lesser stuff to pack in boxes, making it easier to unpack in your new home as well.

plan ahead 
considering the high rental costs, it is in your best interest to move homes as soon as possible once you have chosen where you wish to stay. 
plan ahead by doing some extra work upfront to save on precious time. you can start by saving boxes from various deliveries and packing them up with heavy clothing, boots, and pieces of equipment that you don’t use regularly. of course, labelling each box is a must lest you wish to find yourself rummaging through the packages at a later date. you must also make it a habit to seal all the nuts, bolts, and small items in labelled bags and stash them safely in a demarcated space.

inform the right people about your move
even in the age of digital communications, it is vital to update your physical address with various government agencies and financial institutions to continue receiving your bills and essential information on time. for example, you must update your new address with the Electoral Commission and the IT department, so that any vital information is redirected to the right address. besides, if you stay in a rented house, you also need to inform your landlord at least four to six weeks in advance about your impending move.

enlist some help
unless you are confident about self-packing, it is a good idea to ask around for referrals and hire a professional firm to relocate your belongings safely to their new abode. 
if you have time on your hand, list your requirements and get a quote from several packers and movers to choose one that is the most reliable and competitive. we also suggest that you look at the insurance cover offered by each relocation firm before making a choice. 

the final countdown 
once you have followed the points listed above, you are more or less prepared for the big move. however, we decided to make it easier for you by creating this ‘moving day checklist’ so that you don’t miss out on anything important:

  • drop your pets and small kids to a friend’s place so that they are safe and don’t feel stressed by the movement around them.
  • do remember to assemble a separate box with the items you need immediately after moving. this may include an electric kettle, coffee mugs, coffee, milk powder, dog or cat food (if you have a pet), toilet paper, soap, torch, plastic cutlery and paper plates, a change of clean clothes, towels and some fresh linen.
  • water your potted plants and keep them on a plastic sheet for transport.
  • instruct the movers to load the kitchen boxes in the end so that the food items remain accessible.
  • check the top shelf of every cupboard and peep inside drawers and shelves to ensure everything of value has been packed and removed. 
  • make a final check of the house to confirm all the boxes have moved out. follow this up by closing down the water, electricity, and gas supply and locking the doors and windows securely.

at the new abode, make sure you are at the main gate when the packers arrive. now, you can direct them to the right rooms and have the bulky items placed at their proper locations so that you don’t have to spend time later. we also suggest that you keep ticking off your checklist as the cargo is unloaded to ensure nothing is missed. 
and that’s it! 
welcome to your new home. it wasn’t that difficult, was it? 
remember, a little organisation can go a long way in taking the stress out of shifting. so, plan ahead to ensure you can enjoy your new home much sooner than anticipated.
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