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UI framework is now open source
CRED’s 4th generation design system, NeoPOP, is inspired by the philosophy and aesthetic principles of the Neo-pop movement - something that played a transformational role in the progress of art beyond the conventional milieu.
our brand new UI framework was engineered to bring the magic of NeoPOP to life.
we at CRED believe in sharing our work and our learnings for the benefit of the larger community. in that spirit, we open-source the NeoPOP library, for the community to leverage and enhance.
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because art belongs to everyone.
Access the neoPOP library here:
at the core of every engineering solution we build, every single line of code that we write, there is an ever-burning desire to bring art to life, to make it perceptible to our members every time they open the app, touch a button or move a slider.
making every aesthetically crafted experience work like magic, at peak performance.
we set an incredibly high bar for the stability and reliability of our creation, no matter how big or small. building frameworks and systems that innately help us create fast and with confidence is central to our philosophy. NeoPOP is a sophisticated, future aware, backward compatible library that is built to ensure that every feature, every little piece of design can be created to look just like it did on a designer’s screen. NeoPOP makes our app look great, and work great. it also makes it incredibly fast, effective, and easy to build on top of.
we encourage developers around the world to use this framework to build on and push the boundaries of what we started.