CRED pay
has arrived
CRED pay
has arrived
make a statement
every time you pay
scan & pay via UPI. earn assured rewards. claim collectibles. all of this in a secure payment experience the creditworthy deserve.
how it works
scan any QR
all codes are welcome. simply open CRED and swipe left to scan.
pay instantly
while patience is a virtue, you’ll never get the chance to exercise yours.
earn assured rewards
the experience isn't the only reward. earn assured cashback, coins, and more on every transaction.
shopping is hard. for others.
for you, it’s as easy as picking a partner
brand outlet,
paying with CRED pay,
and claiming 2x cashback.
on CRED pay,
security is first.
and second.
on CRED pay,
is first.
and second.
switch to anonymity. create an alias UPI ID.
hide your sensitive details from merchants when you pay. because your details are for your eyes only.
your payments come with a safety net
in the unlikely event of a payment not going through, make another one. if you're charged for the first, CRED will credit you the money back.
meet your skin
CRED pay is built to showcase you. your tastes. your wins. your collections. explore the skins your scanner can wear. it might just be what you need to find yourself.
tap to change environment

flairs rotating imageflairs snp
designed to be shown off
redeem coins to collect flairs. pin them to your scanner. flaunt your good taste.
credit card checkout
your perks extend online
select CRED pay while checking out from your favorite online stores. the exclusive rewards you’ll unlock is not the only reason to do it.
cred boosts
say hello to boosts
but skip the small talk. unlock boosts and get 120 minutes to shop at up to 50% less on your favorite brands.
100% cashback. every hour.
only via scan & pay.
Know more
experience payments for the top 1%. access CRED pay on the app.
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