the highlights
your time is valuable. but so is your data. if you skip reading the entire privacy policy read it, here are the highlights:
it starts with
your consent.
it starts
with your consent.
your consent holds absolute power. you can revoke our access to your data anytime by changing your permission settings.

however, revoking access to crucial permissions may cause certain side effects: some features may not work as expected or may even be unavailable for your use. you can also request the deletion of your data. in certain cases, CRED and relevant third parties may retain the data as required by applicable laws. read more about that here.
what data
do we keep?
what is
done with
this data?
will my
be shared?
security comes first.
and second.
comes first.
and second.
security is built into everything we do. we use strong physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to protect your data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. our products have multiple security levels and state-of-the-art technology to protect against threats.

when using CRED, you may encounter links to third-party websites/apps that aren't affiliated with us. do note that CRED holds no responsibility for their privacy practices, content, or any actions taken by these third parties during your transactions with them. do your research and practice caution - in life, and on the internet. from our end, we'll ensure your data is anonymized or pseudonymized wherever possible.
100% compliant
100% compliant
CRED is in compliance with ISO 27701:2019 and 27001:2013 standards. we meet RBI's data localization rules, ensuring that all payment data is securely stored within India. our use of  Google APIs is also compliant with their data policy.
let's talk
let's talk
if you have any concerns about our privacy policy or how we use your data, contact our Grievance Redressal Officer, Mr. Atul Patro, at
if you need specific information about your data or wish to correct errors, send an email to
found a bug?
found a bug?
report it to us at, and prepare to receive good karma.
change, as always,
is inevitable
change, as always,
is inevitable
CRED reserves the right to modify its privacy policy when required. any changes will be put into effect immediately after posting the revised Privacy Policy. we recommend periodically reviewing this page for the most recent information on our privacy practices. using the CRED app means you agree to the modified privacy policy.