other disclosures

Our Partners

CRED facilitates distribution of loans for the following banks and NBFCs  (Lenders):

(i) IDFC First Bank Limited (see partners page here)

(ii) Kisetsu Saison Finance (India) Private Limited (see partners page here)

(iii) Lenders onboarded with NDX P2P Private Limited (Liquiloans) (see partners page here)

(iv) Vivriti Capital Private Limited (see website here, see partners page here)

(v) DBS Bank India Limited (see privacy policy here, see partners page here)

(vi) Newtap Finance Private Limited (formerly known as Parfait Finance and Investments Private Limited) (see partners page here)

(vii) Co-lending arrangement by YES Bank Limited (see partners page of YES Bank Limited here under the sections titled ‘Our Sourcing Partners’ and ‘Co-lending Partners’) and Newtap Finance Private Limited (see partners page of Newtap Finance Private Limited here under the sections titled ‘Our Partners’ and ‘Co-lending Partners’). For further details on YES Bank Limited's digital lending arrangements, please see here.

Grievance Redressal

User shall have information in relation to the loan available to him/her on the CRED App and may seek additional information via CRED Customer Support through the CRED App. If the information on CRED App is not sufficient to resolve the query, the user may reach out to CRED at grievanceofficer@cred.club. However, the User is also entitled to contact the relevant Lender and/or follow the relevant Lender’s grievance redressal policy. The Lenders and their respective grievance redressal mechanisms are as listed below:

IDFC First Bank Limited
Nodal desk details:
Nodal officer email-id: nodaldesk@idfcfirstbank.com
Tel: +91 22 41652700 between 09:30 am and 6:00 pm (Monday to Saturday, excluding bank Holidays)
PNO details:
Principal Nodal Officer: Mr. Vipul Raj
email-id: PNO@idfcfirstbank.com
toll free number: 1800 209 9771
policy: https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/support/grievance-redressal

Kisetsu Saison Finance (India) Private Limited
Grievance Redressal Officer: Preethi Nair
email-id: grievance@creditsaison-in.com or preethi.nair@creditsaison-in.com
toll free number: 1800-1038-961
policy: https://regulatory.creditsaison.in/grievance-redressal-policy

NDX P2P Private Limited (Liquiloans)
email-id: customercare@liquiloans.com
policy: https://www.liquiloans.com/customer-grievances-redressal-mechanism

Vivriti Capital Private Limited
Grievance Redressal Officer: Vamshi Vasudevan
email-id: grievanceredressal@vivriticapital.com
Tel: +91 44 40074801
policy: https://www.vivriticapital.com/Greivance_Redressal_Mechanism.pdf

DBS Bank India Limited
Grievance Redressal Officer: Ms. Anita Dixit (Principal Nodal Officer)
Tel: +91 22 6614 7578
email-id:  dbsnodalofficer@dbs.com
policy: https://www.dbs.com/in/treasures/common/redressal-of-complaints-and-grievances.page

Newtap Finance Private Limited (formerly known as Parfait Finance and Investments Private Limited)
Grievance Redressal Officer: Mr. Vandan Suba
email-id: gro@newtap.in
policy: https://newtap.in/grievanceredressal.html

YES Bank Limited

Level 1:
Email: yestouch@yesbank.in
toll free number: 18001200 (Between 8 am to 8 pm; Only critical service post 8 pm)

Level 2:
Email: head.grievanceredressal@yesbank.in
Tel: +91 22 50795173

Level 3:
Email:  principal.nodalofficer@yesbank.in
Tel: +91 22 50795174

Level 4:
Email: mustufa.khajurwala@yesbank.in
Tel: +91 22 50919231

Default Loss Guarantee Disclosures

As required by our Lenders, please find below details regarding the outstanding AUM in the loan portfolios where CRED has entered into default loss guarantee arrangements with its Lenders. The numbers below indicate the outstanding AUM as on March 31, 2023:

Lender A: 

Portfolio A1: INR 813.94 crore

Portfolio A2: INR 513.92 crore

Lender B: 

Portfolio B1: INR 181.07 crore

List of Sub-contractors / Collection Agencies

1. CRED uses the following sub-contractors/technology service providers to offer Credit Products. Some of your data/data concerning Credit Products may be shared with these entities and/or stored in their systems:

i. Amazon Web Services (Indian servers)

ii. Khosla Labs Private Limited

iii. Dreamplug Paytech Solutions Private Limited

iv. Razorpay Software Private Limited

v. Cashfree Payment India Private Limited

vi. Hyperverge Technologies Private Limited

vii. Ozonetel Communication Private Limited

viii. Sumeru Enterprise Tiger Business Solutions Private Limited

2. As an LSP, CRED provides the Lender's collections/recovery services. To perform this function, if any amount is overdue with respect to any Credit Product, your data may be shared with the following sub-contractors, who may contact you for debt counseling and to encourage repayment of outstanding amounts:

i. Samavesh Marketing India Private Limited

ii. One Point One Solutions Limited

iii. ICollect India Private Limited

iv. Cimmons Integrated Services Private Limited

v. Procollect Services Private Limited

vi. SES Financials

vii. Treline Advisory Private Limited

viii. Captris Management Services LLP

ix. Swaraj Associates

x. Synergy Consultants

xi. Credit Solution

xii. Catch Sevices Inc

xiii. Shrey Associates

xiv. The One Associate

xv. Debt Care Enterprise Private Limited

xvi. Cedar Business Solution

xvii. Citi Enterprises

xviii. Om Sai Enterprises

xix. Rajpurohit Corporate Services

xx. Adwaith Associates

xxi. RMS Financial Services

xxii. Visesh Credit Services

xxiii. Kay Financial Services

xxiv. Srinithya Financial Services

xxv. White Stone

xxvi. Sristhi Capital Private Limited

xxvii. Horizon Enterprises

xxviii. SPCR Consulting and Management Services

xxix. IG Techserv Private Limited

xxx. DigiBhoomi

xxxi. Buzzworks Business Services Private Limited

3. When you utilize Credit Products to execute payments to merchants, relevant transaction data may be shared and stored by the pertinent payment aggregators and/or the merchants.

4. When you avail insurance along with your Credit Products, your Personal Data may be shared with insurers, and it may be necessary to undertake the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.