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Amazon has ‘spacial’ dreams

Amazon has ‘spacial’ dreams

the e-commerce giant has set a target of 83 satellite launches over the next five years to improve internet connectivity. 
April 10, 2022
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Amazon has ‘spacial’ dreams

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sky's the limit, and Amazon is exactly aiming for that. the technology company is planning to launch 83 satellites over the next five years as part of its Project Kuiper, an initiative to launch satellite-based internet. 

investors, however, don’t seem too pleased with the announcement. the Amazon stock has already slipped close to 3%. concerns seem to stem around the fact that the e-commerce giant is betting on Arianespace's Ariane 6, United Launch Alliance's Vulcan Centaur and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin's New Glenn. All of which have never flown before. 

SpaceX did not make it to the Amazon list of partners. even though so far, it haslaunchedmore than 2,300Starlinksatellites on its Falcon 9 rocket.

‘guarded’ flying project

propped up as a direct competitor to SpaceX’s Starlink, Amazon’s Project Kuiper will provide high-speed internet from space. however, the company neither offered any details on when the first satellite will be launched nor the investment being made into this initiative. 

Project Kuiper is looking to Amazon’s experience producing low-cost devices and services such as Echo and Kindle in an attempt to deliver services at affordable and accessible prices for customers.

recovery in sight?

analysts have predicted that Amazon will be able to overcome these blips over the long term, even as inflationary pressures and supply chain disruptions remain. 

Amazon’s partners Arianespace, Blue Origin, and United Launch Alliance don’t have a track record yet of launching satellites. once this happens, a new business vertical will open up for Bezos' company.  

when deployed, the Kuiper System will serve individual households, as well as governments, schools, hospitals, businesses, and other entities operating in places without reliable broadband. 

from e-commerce to cloud and now space, the proof lies in the pudding.