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home loan calculator

a home loan calculator is an online calculator used for calculating home loan emis. cred's home loan calculator gives you the emi amount and the payment breakup component, including the principal and interest amount.
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planning to buy your dream home? you may have probably discovered that purchasing a house is more complex than you anticipated, especially if you need to apply for a home loan.

crunching the numbers is necessary so that you don’t default later. but for an ordinary citizen with only a vague interest in mathematics, arriving at the right numbers can be an uphill battle.

and you are not alone: millions of indians apply for a home loan each year. 

according to data by the reserve bank of india (rbi), outstanding home loans have been rising in number over the years, peaking at a value of inr 11.6 trillion in 2018-19.

fortunately, you can make use of online financial calculators to decide the amount and term of your loan. however, before we jump in, let's figure out what a home loan emi calculator even is.

what is a home loan calculator?

a home loan calculator is a simple mathematical tool that is free to use for everyone. this straightforward calculator tells you the amount of money you’d be repaying each month for specific loan size and term. 

by varying the term of the loan in the calculator, you can find out how much you’d be paying over 20, 25 or 30 years and pick a loan size that’s suitable for you.

what is a home loan emi?

a home loan emi (equated monthly installment) is the amount that a borrower pays every month to the bank against his/her home loan. one can use a home loan emi calculator to calculate the emi amount. the emi amount includes both the principal and interest amounts. 

how does home loan emi helps in purchasing a home?

the home loan emi is an essential factor to consider while deciding on the home loan. therefore, calculating emis beforehand using a home loan calculator helps you plan for the home loan. calculating home loan emi helps -

  • identify the amount to borrow as per your monthly budget.
  • plan home loan repayment to ensure timely emi payment.
  • plan your prepayment. 

how to use a home loan calculator?

using a home loan emi calculator is quite straightforward. all you need to do is enter the loan amount, interest rate and the loan tenure in years. and, within seconds, you will see the estimated emi value on your screen.

why is it important to use a home loan calculator?

calculating the exact emi for your home loan can be cumbersome. usually, the most a layperson can do is consult an accountant to run the numbers.

but what if someone decided to create an online tool that can perform complex calculations in seconds and give you accurate results? this is where an emi calculator comes in.

getting such an estimate before applying for a home loan will help you plan your finances better and minimise the risk of defaulting on your payments. 

the best part is that most online emi calculators are free to use. with a home loan emi calculator, you can even figure out the right sized loan for yourself. 

as they say, you shouldn’t buy more than you can chew. this means you should not borrow the entire amount available to you. 

instead, crunch the numbers using a home loan emi calculator to figure out the maximum emi amount you can afford to decide the size of your borrowing. 

features & benefits of using a home loan calculator

a home loan emi calculator allows you to calculate your home loan emis quickly. it is an online home loan calculator.

features of home loan emi calculator

being a huge amount, calculating the home loan emi can be a difficult task. so the emi calculator -

  • gives you a close look at your monthly emi. 
  • shows all amounts to be paid till the last day. 
  • you can compare emi at multiple interest rates to find out the one that suits you. 

benefits of home loan emi calculator

some benefits of home loan calculator are:

  • it helps you plan your expenses according to your income. 
  • state the total interest amount you’ll be paying at the end of your loan tenure. 
  • it helps you plan whether to increase the tenure or decrease the tenure, according to your budget. 
  • it is a fast and easy tool for you to use. 
  • it is dynamic; you can easily change figures.

calculating home loan emi isn’t the first step; the first step is to check your eligibility to get a home loan. the home loan eligibility calculator makes it easy for you to check your eligibility.

who can use the home loan calculator?

anybody who is planning to purchase a home can use a home loan emi calculator to check the size of their emi. 

generally, it is suggested to calculate your emi at a higher interest rate to build a buffer for any future interest rate hikes.

decoding the home loan calculator formula

home loan emi calculators use a specific formula to calculate your emi, which is:

e = [p x r x (1+r) ^n] / [(1+r) ^n-1]

here, e is the emi amount, p is the principal, r is the interest rate, and n is the loan term. 

so, if you are applying for a home loan of inr 50 lacs for a 20-year term at an interest rate of 10%, your emi would be:

e = [50, 00,000 x 10 x (1+10) ^ 20] / [(1+10) ^ 20-1] 

here, e amounts to inr 48,251 per month.

key advantages of using a home loan calculator

if you are in the process of purchasing your dream home, you can benefit from using a home loan emi calculator before sending in your loan application. 

  • an online home loan emi calculator is simple to use. just by entering a few necessary details, you can calculate your emi to plan your finances better.
  • you can change the term of the loan to see how it impacts your emi and decide on your home loan tenure accordingly.
  • using an online emi calculator is free for everyone, and there’s no limit on how many times you can use it.
  • you may use an emi calculator to compare different loan deals and see which one is more affordable for you in terms of emi and interest payable over the full term of the loan.
  • by knowing your emi, you can confirm whether you’d be able to repay it, which increases your chances of approval.

how does a home loan calculator work?

a home loan calculator can be used as a handy guide before applying for a home loan. it helps you estimate the loan amount you are eligible for, as well as your emi or equated monthly instalments. 

generally, a home loan emi calculator has three parameters – loan amount, interest rate and tenure. 

with the interest rate remaining constant, you can change the loan amount and tenure to work out your emi in various situations and pick the most suitable combination. 

typically, a longer loan tenure (for a maximum of 30 years) helps in reducing the emi. however, the longer the loan tenure, the more you pay in interest. 

what is home loan amortization schedule?

the home loan amortization schedule is a comprehensive table showing full details of the loan. the schedule consists - 

  • emi installment number 
  • the due date for the payment.
  • the opening principal amount on which the interest amount is calculated.
  • emi instalment amount
  • the principal amount in the emi to repay the home loan principal amount.
  • interest amount in the emi. interest is usually more initially in comparison to the principal amount in emis.
  • the closing principal amount, which is the opening principal of the next month.
  • interest rate 

you can easily calculate the emis using a home loan calculator. however, it is recommended to use a home loan eligibility calculator while considering a loan application.

concluding thoughts

thanks to technological advancement and urbanisation, india is set to witness a steep incline in the demand for affordable housing. 

the mckinsey report (2010) estimates the development of 38 million housing units in 2030. this staggering number emphasises the need for a financial calculator to deal with higher loan rates and stay on top of your finances.

in addition to using a home loan eligibility calculator to determine your emi, it is also a good idea to use a cibil score calculator to determine your creditworthiness. 

besides, getting a home loan after checking your emi makes sure you can repay it confidently, which helps in maintaining your credit score: a three-digit number that's essential to be approved for any other credit in the future.

home loan faqs

is my friend eligible to be a co-borrower?

no. the relations eligible for co-borrower are –

  • father-son
  • mother-son
  • brother-brother
  • husband-wife

however, brother-sister or sisters jointly are not eligible for co-borrower.

what are the necessary documents for a home loan?

some of the mandatory documents for a home loan are –

  • last 6 months bank statements
  • recent acknowledged income-tax returns
  • identity proof – passport/pan card/voters id/dl
  • residence proof- passport/property tax receipt/electricity bill/ voter id /telephone bill.
  • noc from the builder/society
  • certified copy of the approved proposed construction plan
  • house allotment letter
  • other land certificates

how is the fixed interest rate different from the floating rate?

when interest rate changes over time, it is floating, but it is a fixed rate if it remains constant throughout the loan tenure.

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