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pay rent with CRED

pay rent with CRED

paying your house rent has never been this seamless! with CRED you can pay house rent online in just a few quick & easy steps with no hassles at all. 
August 13, 2021
2 min read
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seamless rent payment

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what is rent pay?

rentpay is one of the latest products by CRED that is built solely for its members as a smooth rent payments solution. it allows its users to pay their rent through credit card in a simple 3-step hassle-free process. needless to mention, CRED is not only the most user-friendly app for rent payments, but also has a wide range of benefits for its members

why pay rent online with CRED?

CRED app's rent pay feature lets you pay your house rent using the credit card option in a jiffy. the app allows the tenants to pay their monthly rent using the credit card with the amount transferred to the landlord's bank account directly with no further delay. 

online credit card payment app CRED has this amazing feature of paying rent, doing so the members also get an interest-free credit period on rent along with some awesome and money-saving reward points which can be redeemed across varied brands and categories.

undoubtedly, it is quite important to pay rent and monthly dues on time, it not only relieves you from heaps of payments on your head but also increases the financial confidence of an individual. online rent payment service works straight through the CRED app, which lets users make bill payments with no delay at all. furthermore, the members also earn CRED coins after making the rent payment that can be spent on products and services from CRED partners.


how to pay rent with your credit card using the CRED app?

step 1-

install the app from the google play store or apple app store

step 2-

as soon as you install the CRED app, sign up using your credentials 

step 3-

click on the rent pay option in the app

step 4-

now enter the rent amount. also, this won’t be the final amount to be deducted from your credit amount as you will also be charged some service charges along with the rent

step 5-

click on 'proceed with credit card' and fill in your card details to pay the rent directly

step 6-

enter details of your landlord like his name, banking details, UPI address, whichever you may want. you may either enter the complete bank account details of your landlord here or enter their UPI address.

step 7-

enter address, and then click on proceed to payment and complete the final step

please note, members can avail CRED rent pay service at a small transaction fee. this fee may range from 1 percent to 1.5 percent, depending on the credit card network. once done, you can also set up auto-payments for timely payments in the future as per your convenience.

with CRED, individuals get the liberty to free up cash, relish the interest-free credit period, and earn reward points on credit card spends. so log in now, and pay your house rent anytime and from anywhere in no time!