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Unique NFT Domains Are On Sale

Unique NFT Domains Are On Sale

just like the domain name for internet sites, NFT marketplaces have also started offering exclusive addresses for creators
April 2, 2022
3 min read
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Unique NFT Domains Are On Sale

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what’s in a name or a domain name specifically? a lot if you ask digital marketers. the site was sold to specialty search company RH Donnelly for $350 million in 2007, about 47 times what its original price was in 1999. now that the world is steadily moving towards cryptocurrencies, domain names are getting popular there too.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Domains are slowly becoming a must-have for blockchain enthusiasts. instead of storing NFT assets in a wallet or other digital ledgers, NFT domains help secure all your electronic possessions on your exclusive crypto website. 

domain extensions such as .crypto, .eth, .nft, .wallet, or even .x are some of the more popular ones. marketplaces like OpenSea that sell NFTs also allow users to purchase distinct domain names. risqué names such as “sex.crypto” have also been sold on OpenSea. 

looking at the burgeoning demand for unique identities, specialist players have also entered the fray. for instance, crypto domain-minting company Unstoppable Domains has already registered over 1.4 domain names. this includes names such as “.coin” and “.blockchain” among others. it sold the “win.crypto” domain for a record $100,000. 

trading domains

just like buying and selling NFTs, domain names can be traded too. using the same marketplaces, it is possible to buy quirky crypto domains that can later be sold at a profit. 

so, there are multiple benefits. it does not just involve holding rare domain names, but also using the same for wallet transactions. a sender only needs to remember your domain name. businesses involved in crypto also use domain names as website addresses. 

instead of buying domain names across categories, investing in sector-specific ones such as food, entertainment, or even sports would make monetization easier.  depending on the popularity, there are price corrections on a regular basis.  

unlike traditional domains, there are no annual fee payments. once you have bought the domain name, it is yours permanently till you sell it off.