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6 best credit cards with airport lounge access

6 best credit cards with airport lounge access

January 3, 2022
6 min read
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in the traditional sense, a credit card was a tool which let you make a purchase and pay for it after a few days. today, the credit card has evolved from that, and most cards offer several non-monetary perks and benefits. among all such incentives, access to airport lounges is the most preferred one among cardholders. 
for frequent flyers exhausted with the grind of travel, access to premium airport lounges allows them to unwind, shower, eat and relax. that is why many potential credit card users consider lounge access one of the most crucial factors when picking a credit card. 
but it's a bit more complicated than that. these days, most credit cards offer several perks and incentives, and with tools like cred, paying the credit card bill is no longer a cause of concern. all of this makes it difficult to decide which credit card will be best suited for your needs. 
to help you choose the right card based off of your preferences and financial comfort level, we curated a list of the best credit cards with lounge access.

1. HDFC Bank diners club black card

if your annual income exceeds ₹21 lakh, then HDFC Bank diners club black is the perfect credit card for you. the exclusive credit card offers unlimited access to more than 850 lounges and six free golf games every quarter. moreover, for every ₹150 spent on the card, you get 5 points with each point being equivalent to ₹1 in travel rewards.
for your foreign travels, this diners club black card gives you a 2% foreign currency transaction fee that is significantly lesser by industry standards. the welcome gift includes reward points worth ₹10,000 and every renewal gives you ₹5000 worth of reward points.

2. Citi Prestige credit card

the Citi Prestige credit card is a suitable option for high spenders. you get unlimited access to more than 800 global priority pass lounges. other perks include a complimentary night’s stay in any hotel when you stay for four nights. you also get free golf games, lessons, and a lot more.
when you spend ₹100 through a credit card in India, you get a reward point. doing the same overseas will entitle you to 2 reward points. oversees medical insurance, accident cover of ₹5 crores, and emergency cash in the event of card loss are some other perks associated with the card.

3. ICICI Bank Sapphiro American Express credit card

if you are not a prodigal spender but are keen on travel perks, then ICICI Bank Sapphiro American Express credit card is for you. the card requires you to pay a joining fee of ₹6,000 and that gives you travel and shopping vouchers worth ₹10,000.
with this card, you get four domestic lounge visits every quarter and two international lounge visits in a year. further, you also get a couple of domestic airport spa visits every year. other complimentary perks include four rounds of golf every month at a golf course of your choice.
ICICI Bank has a partnership with more than 2,500 restaurants across the country, allowing you to save at least 15% when you dine in any of them. purchase of 1 movie ticket on BookMyShow with this credit card entitles you to a flat ₹500 off on your next movie ticket purchase. 
further, you get one reward point for every ₹100 spent on utilities, 2 points for every ₹100 spent otherwise in the country, and 6 points for every ₹100 worth of overseas card usage.

4. Yatra SBI credit card

the Yatra SBI credit card is perfect for people who often rely on for their travel bookings. the annual fee for this card is merely ₹499. the same will be waived off on ₹1,00,00 annual expenditure. the card gives you 2 lounge visits every quarter, and you can use the same across 23 airport lounges in 9 cities.
the welcome gift of this credit card includes Yatra hampers worth ₹8,250 that can be redeemed on your hotel bookings, flight tickets, and holiday packages. additionally, for every ₹100 spent on travel, you get six reward points. as every reward point is equivalent to ₹0.25 Yatra voucher, this credit card will be beneficial for people who travel frequently.

5. Axis Bank Pride Signature credit card

the Pride Signature credit card gives a monthly bonus of 100 points if you spend ₹5,000 on it. you get 8 reward points worth ₹0.4 Yatra vouchers each - contingent on spending every ₹200 on the card.
other perks include two quarterly access to 10 lounges across 5 Indian cities and up to ₹400 fuel surcharge waiver. you'll be charged an annual fee of ₹500 from the second year unless you spend more than ₹40,000 in the year.

6. Vijaya Rupay credit card

the Vijaya Rupay credit card is one of the few cards that come without any annual charges, making it the preferred choice of low spenders. the welcome gifts associated with this card include an ₹500 Tata Chroma hamper and a 15% discount across all Apollo pharmacies in the country.
the card gives you eight domestic and four international lounge visits, making it one of the best credit cards with lounge access for low spenders. the credit card also gives you a flat 5% cashback on your utilities and dining spends. however, bear in mind that the maximum cashback amount has a cap of ₹50 per month for each category.

final take

the truth is, while all these credit cards offer good lounge access, your choice should rely on your affordability and spending habits. depending on these parameters, feel free to pick up any credit card from the list above and usher in a future of rewards, cashback, and relaxing air travel.
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