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best HDFC credit cards - review and comparison

best HDFC credit cards - review and comparison

December 1, 2021
5 min read
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it doesn't matter if you are just stepping into the corporate world or you're the CEO of your company, HDFC has credit cards for all levels of salaried professionals. whether it's shopping or travel, whatever your passion, HDFC credit cards make life easier for you. if you want to know the best HDFC credit card for you, read on!
HDFC credit cards have more than 40 options for you which might leave you confused! each card has different minimum income requirements and is meant for a specific purpose. we are going to help you narrow down your choice, depending on your needs.

how do i choose the best HDFC credit card

the best HDFC card would depend on its intended use, like travel or fuel, and your salary. we list the top HDFC credit cards and the best place to use them.

1. shopping and travel
if you are a shopaholic or  find yourself bitten by the travel bug, then there are two exciting options to choose from. you could go for the HDFC Regalia credit card or the HDFC Diners Club Privilege credit card. the minimum income requirement is ₹90,000 for Regalia and ₹40,000 for HDFC Diners Club Privilege credit card.
you will need to provide certain documents when you apply for an HDFC credit card as proof of identity, address, and income. for identity and address, documents like your Aadhaar card and passport will do. as proof of income, the latest Form 16, or last salary slip are required. 
the HDFC Regalia Card provides a priority pass to more than 8,500 airport lounges worldwide. the diners privilege card charges a forex mark-up of only 1.99%. the annual fee for both cards is ₹2,500.
you also get a 1-year complimentary Zomato Gold membership with the Regalia card. 
if you have a salary of ₹30,000 per month, you can go for the HDFC Diners Clubmiles credit card. it has an annual fee of just ₹1,000 and would be the ideal choice if you are a frequent flyer since you get 1 air mile for every reward point you earn.
if you earn over ₹1,75,000 per month, HDFC offers the 'super-premium' HDFC Diners Club Black credit card. ideal for travel and shopping, this card gives you six complimentary golf games every quarter. 
if you are a middle-to-high income salaried professional, these cards are sure to bring down your expenses if you shop and travel frequently. 

2. rewards and shopping
HDFC credit cards have something for everyone! if you are an entry-level professional and love to get rewarded every time you shop, then the HDFC MoneyBack credit card is your best bet. this is meant for those with a minimum salary of ₹13,500 per month.
for an annual fee of just ₹500 per annum, this card helps you stretch your rupee with 2X rewards for online shopping. if you shop online regularly, are looking for a low-fee card with limited benefits, and want to exchange reward points into cash, then the MoneyBack credit card is your choice. 
if you love cashback every time you buy something, then you could try the HDFC Millennia credit card. the minimum salary required is ₹25,000 per month. the annual fee is ₹1,000. with this, you get 5% cashback every time you buy something from Amazon or Flipkart. 
the HDFC Millenia credit card also gives you free access to domestic lounges eight times a year. enjoy great discounts with the good food trail dining program. 

3. fuel
do you travel a lot within the city and log a couple of thousand kilometres every month? then the HDFC IndianOil credit card will ensure lower fuel bills for you for an annual fee of just ₹500! all you need is a monthly salary of ₹10,000 per month. 
every time you refuel your car at the petrol pump, you get 5% of whatever you spend. you are rewarded with 50 litres of fuel every year and also earn ₹1 fuel point for every ₹150 worth of fuel you buy. 

4. movies and dining
if you love going to the multiplex to watch the latest movie and follow it up by dining at your favourite restaurant, then you can choose from two attractive HDFC credit card options. they are HDFC Titanium Times credit card and HDFC Platinum Times credit card.
if you have a salary of ₹15,000 per month, then you can apply for the HDFC Titanium Times credit card. if you are in the ₹30,000 per month salary range, then the right choice would be HDFC Platinum Times credit card. 
enjoy huge savings with a 25% discount on movies and 15% on dining offered by the Titanium Times credit card. the annual fee is only ₹500 per month. you even get an accidental death benefit of ₹50 lakh if you transact at least 4 four times a month. 
the benefits get bigger with the Platinum Times credit card. you get a 25% discount on movies like the Titanium card but 20% on dining. instead of 1, you get 3 reward points with this card that has an annual fee of ₹1,000.

5. rewards
if you're looking for rewards every time you shop, then the HDFC Diners Rewards credit card will make your dreams come true. it offers 10X rewards every time you shop with partner brands. you also get travel benefits with MakeMyTrip, Uber, and more. 
you can redeem your points against a wide range of products in the rewards catalogue. points can also be used for booking hotels and flight tickets limited to 70% of the booking value.

get more from life with HDFC credit cards

HDFC credit cards make life easy for salaried professionals with multiple options depending on your preferences. these credit cards reward you for the activities you enjoy. whether it is a premium experience at the world's best golf resorts or getting 10X rewards for shopping online, HDFC credit cards give you the best deals possible.
before deciding the best HDFC credit card for your needs, go online, and check the eligibility criteria. you should also check your credit score. make sure that you have all the required documents for identification, address, and income proof. fill in the application form and upload the documents. 
once your application is approved, start collecting rewards to enjoy every moment of life. after all, you deserve it!
make your HDFC credit card payment via CRED to earn additional rewards.