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HDFC MoneyBack credit card: fees, features & benefits

HDFC MoneyBack credit card: fees, features & benefits

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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it's payback time

who doesn't like saving up on big spends. the HDFC MoneyBack credit card helps save on day-to-day spending by offering high cashback rewards. the best thing about this card is that it gives 100% reward points on online shopping. the reward points accumulated can be redeemed for attractive gifts and air miles. moreover, the card is enabled with a chip which reduces the possibility of misuse and enhances  security. does this sound exciting to you? then read on to know all that there is for the card.
security is at the forefront of all credit cards. but the HDFC MoneyBack credit card is equipped with a chip which reduces the possibility of misuse and enhances security, doubling up on security.



milestone benefit

gift voucher of ₹500 every quarter on retail transactions of ₹50,000 or more

fuel surcharge waiver

1% fuel surcharge waiver on a minimum transaction of ₹400
maximum waiver of ₹250 per statement cycle

moneyback rewards program

2 reward points on every ₹150 you spend
every 100 reward points are worth ₹20

online spends

100% reward points on all your online spends
online spends are 2 times more rewarding

interest-free credit

50 days of interest-free period from the date of purchase

secured transactions

embedded with a chip which enhances its security
dip your card at chip-enabled point of sale (POS) or swipe your card at non-chip POS

what does CRED think of the card?

the HDFC MoneyBack credit card is for someone who is always looking for cashbacks on their payments. in addition to this, the card provides the user with vouchers and reward points. a very functional card, this one not only helps you save, but rewards you back on your savings.

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how do i apply for the card?

  • go to and click on products > cards > credit cards.
  • in the category of ‘featured cards’, there is an image of MoneyBack credit card along with the ‘apply online’ button.
  • click on ‘apply online’ and a credit card application form will load. fill in your details in the form including PAN number and income. after filling the details, click on ‘submit’.
  • the bank will then verify your details and approve/reject your application depending on the eligibility criteria.
  • once you have applied for the credit card, you can track the application status online or call the HDFC customer care.
  • you can also visit the nearest branch of HDFC Bank to apply for HDFC MoneyBack credit card.

am i eligible?

the eligibility criteria for HDFC MoneyBack credit card is different for both salaried and self-employed individuals:

  • salaried individuals: the applicant should be in the age group of 21-60 years.
  • self-employed individuals: the applicant should be in the age group of 21-65 years.

what are the documents i need to apply?

  • identity proof: PAN card/Aadhaar card/voting card/driving license (any one of these documents is required)
  • address proof: passport/electricity bill/telephone bill (any one of these documents is required)
  • income proof: latest ITR documents and salary slips
  • passport-size coloured photographs

types of charge


annual membership fee


renewal fee


cash advance fee

2.5% of the amount withdrawn

over limit charge

2.5% of the over limit amount

late payment fee


returned payment charge

2% of the total amount

card replacement charge


rewards redemption fee


interest charged on revolving credit


cash processing fee


frequently asked questions (FAQs)

what is the validity of reward points on HDFC MoneyBack credit card?

the reward points are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation.

in what form can i redeem reward points?

the reward points can be redeemed in 2 ways:

  • cashback against the outstanding amount of your credit card. the value of 100 reward points is ₹20.
  • redeem reward points on exciting gifts and air miles from the rewards catalogue.

what are the steps to redeem reward points?

follow the following steps to redeem the reward points using netbanking:

  • login to netbanking using your user ID and password and click on ‘credit cards’ tab on top.
  • in ‘credit cards’ tab click on ‘register new card’ on the left-hand sidebar. enter your 4-digit credit card PIN to complete the registration process.
  • click on ‘redeem reward points’ on the left-hand sidebar. click on ‘continue’ to go to the online redemption portal.
  • on the online redemption page, click on ‘redeem reward points’. select ‘points range’ and ‘item category’ to view catalog. select items by adding to the shopping cart.
  • please read the ‘terms and conditions’ and click on the checkbox to agree to the same.
  • click on ‘redeem’ to confirm the redemption request and then note down the redemption order number.

can i use this credit card as a normal swipe card?

yes, this card can be used as a normal swipe card as it also contains a regular magnetic strip.

what are the minimum reward points required for redemption?

you need to have a minimum of 2500 reward points for redemption.

what is the benefit of using a chip card?

a chip card has an embedded microchip. when you use chip card at places having chip-enabled terminals, the system validates the chip and your transaction is secured.

how can i use a chip card?

  • tap the card on a POS terminal
  • enter the amount
  • wait for the charge slip to be printed and then remove the card