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how to track Standard Chartered credit card application status?

how to track Standard Chartered credit card application status?

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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Standard Chartered Bank comes with a variety of credit cards that offer you attractive benefits and gives you an amazing shopping experience. the credit cards from the bank are categorised into travel, cash back, and rewards. so, if you have applied for a Standard Chartered credit card, you definitely would want to check its status, which is absolutely hassle-free. 
the article below comprises a step by step guide that would help you track Standard Chartered credit card application status through offline and online modes.

how to check standard chartered credit card status online

follow the steps mentioned below to check your Standard Chartered credit card status online:

  • visit the page - 
  • enter your registered mobile number and application number 
  • submit the requisite details so that you can view your credit card application status

Standard Chartered credit card application process comprises various stages such as ‘in-process’, ‘dispatched’, ‘rejected’, ‘disapproved’ or ‘no records found’. if your card has been dispatched for delivery, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number. if your credit card is disapproved by the bank or rejected or under the no records found status, then you can call the customer care department of Standard Chartered Bank to find a solution.

how to check SCB credit card status offline

if you do not have a stable internet connection at your place then you can track your Standard Chartered credit card status offline too. you can visit the bank along with your application reference number.

check application status via customer care

contact the customer care department of Standard Chartered Bank to track your credit card application status. the bank has a different customer care number for every city. 

check application status via SCB local branch

except for calling the customer care department, you can visit the nearest Standard Chartered branch. provide your application reference number to the bank executive to track your credit card application status.
through the ways mentioned above, you can easily track the status of your Standard Chartered credit card right from the application to its delivery.
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frequently asked questions (FAQs)

my credit card application has been rejected, what could be the possible reasons?

your application for a Standard Chartered credit card might get rejected if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. criteria on the basis of which your eligibility for owing a credit card is considered includes your credit card history, CIBIL score, income, background check, and more. lack of any of the criteria can lead to rejection.

my credit card status shows dispatched but i haven’t received it yet. what can be the reason?

after the dispatch, your card might get delivered in 3-4 working days. moreover, you can check with the customer care department if you still don't receive your credit card. also, make sure at the time of receiving that your package is securely sealed and is not tampered.

how can i check the status of my Standard Chartered Bank credit card application?

you can check the application status of your Standard Chartered Bank credit card through online and offline modes. to check the status online, visit - and enter your application/reference ID. for checking the application status offline, visit the nearest bank branch or call the customer care helpline.

what if i have lost my application reference number? can i still check my credit card application status?

visit the ‘track your online application status’ page and click on the option ‘forgot reference number’. now enter your email ID to retrieve your reference number successfully.

how can i track my Standard Chartered Bank card application status through the customer care helpline?

customers can track their credit card application status by calling the customer care helpline numbers, before calling the customer care departments, applicants should keep their application reference number handy.

how long does it take to get a Standard Chartered credit card?

according to the final policy and verification checks of the Standard Chartered Bank, you can expect to get your credit card within 7 to 15 working days. moreover, your card might get delayed if the documents you have submitted are incorrect or any of them is missing.

how much credit score one should have for a Standard Chartered Bank credit card?

an applicant should have a credit score of 700 and above to get approval for Standard Chartered credit card without any hassles.

is there any app for managing Standard Chartered credit cards?

Standard Chartered mobile banking app helps you manage your credit card in terms of making credit card payments, changing PIN, and more.

which credit card is best in Standard Chartered?

there are numerous credit card options offered by Standard Chartered bank that come with a lot of benefits and rewards. listed are a few options:

  • Standard Chartered Ultimate card
  • Standard Chartered VISA Infinite credit card
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum credit card
  • Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium credit card
  • Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card
  • Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card