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how to check your SBI credit card application status

how to check your SBI credit card application status

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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checking of application status made easy.

have you applied for an SBI credit card recently? not sure how to check the status of your application? here's a step-by-step guide along with all the information that you need to check the status of your SBI credit card. read this article to understand the online and offline methods for tracking the status of your credit card application.

check your SBI credit card status online

to check the status of your credit card application online, you need to follow the steps below:

  • go to the official website of SBI bank:
  • click on personal > credit cards
  • scroll down to the ‘allow us to help you’ section where you will find the ‘track application’ option
  • click on ‘know more’ and you will be redirected to a page with ‘track application’ section 
  • you will have to enter your ‘application/reference number’
  • click on ‘track’ and you will be able to view your application status

the various stages of the SBI bank credit card status are ‘in-process’, ‘on-hold’, ‘dispatched’, ‘approved’ or ‘disapproved’’. you will receive a message if your credit card has been dispatched for delivery. in the case of disapproval, you will have to contact SBI bank customer care for more details.

how can i check SBI credit card status offline?

you can also check your application status by contacting the customer care or visiting the nearest SBI bank branch.

check application status via customer care

credit card application status can be checked by contacting the SBI customer care executive and enquiring about the current status. you can call the toll-free helpline on 1800-180-1290 or dial 39-02-02-02 with your local STD code to check your status.

check application status via SBI local branch

you can also visit the nearest SBI branch to know your SBI credit card application status. the bank employee may ask you for your application reference number to check the credit card status.

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frequently asked questions (FAQs)

what could be the possible reasons for my credit card application rejection?

if your application doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria of SBI bank, there are chances that your application may get rejected. generally, the criteria for approval include CIBIL score, credit card history, income earned, background check, etc. poor credit history can lead to rejection of your credit card.

how long will it take for my SBI credit card to arrive?

it takes 20-30 working days if your credit card application request hasn’t been disapproved or put on hold.

i cannot find my application reference number. how can i get it back to check my credit card status?

you can follow the steps given in the ‘how to check SBI credit card status online’. you will find the ‘retrieve application’ section right beside ‘track application’ where you can enter your PAN number and date of birth. you will receive your application reference number.