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transact safe with ICICI Bank virtual credit card

transact safe with ICICI Bank virtual credit card

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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ICICI Bank introduced a virtual credit card called InAFlash that is issued on the primary card at free of cost. it enables you to transact online at merchant websites without revealing the primary card details, thus protecting from cyber fraud. pre-existing ICICI customers are eligible to avail this facility through their internet banking or imobile app. you can earn additional rewards and benefits by making your ICICI Bank credit card payment on CRED.

what are the features of ICICI Bank virtual credit card?

  • the transactions made through virtual credit card will be visible in the primary credit card statement. 
  • for every purchase made from ICICI credit card amounting to INR 200, you will earn 1 point that can be redeemed online. 
  • an ICICI virtual credit card is valid internationally.
  • it is valid for one-time use ensuring the card details are not compromised.
  • the amount can be pre-set on a virtual credit card depending on the credit limit of the primary credit card.
  • since it’s a digital card, the risk of being exposed, theft, and loss are minimized. 
  • the initial credit limit of a virtual card is INR 1. You can change the credit card limit depending upon the overall credit limit of the primary card. 

how do i apply for ICICI Bank virtual credit card?

  • go to - - and log in to internet banking with primary credit card details
  • select the ‘pre-qualified credit card’ from ‘my view’ panel
  • select the desired credit card and fill in the personal details
  • after submission, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number or email ID
  • enter the OTP to successfully complete your registration process

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

how long do i have to wait to use an ICICI virtual credit card?

the credit card will be generated instantly and you can use it immediately for online transactions.

where can i see the virtual credit card details?

all the information pertaining to the virtual card can be secured from the primary credit card online account.

is there any eligibility criteria to apply for an ICICI virtual credit card?

the pre-existing ICICI Bank customers are eligible to avail the issuance of the virtual card.

can i place a request to block my virtual credit card?

yes. you can block the virtual credit card instantaneously online.

is there any kind of fees/charges levied to get a virtual credit card?

no. the virtual credit card from ICICI Bank is free of cost.

can i issue a virtual credit card as an add-on cardholder?

no. the virtual credit card can only be issued to primary cardholders.

what should i do if i forget my password?

you can always reset your password by entering credit cards details such as card number, ATM pin or CVV, expiry date, and the name of the cardholder.