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how to track Kotak Mahindra credit card application status

how to track Kotak Mahindra credit card application status

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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go, get that card

have you applied for a Kotak Mahindra credit card recently and are not sure about how to check the status of your application? here's a step by step guide along with all the information that you need to check the status of your Kotak credit card.

how to check Kotak credit card application online?

checking the status of your card is an easy step. you can check it offline or online. here's a guide that will help you check the card status.

  • go to the official website of Kotak Mahindra bank:
  • click on explore products > cards > credit card services.
  • by clicking on ‘credit card services’, you will be redirected to another page where you have to scroll down to find ‘application status’ which will ask you to choose a product.
  • after choosing ‘credit card’, you will have to provide information like application number or application form number.

check application status via application reference number
you can check your credit card status by entering your application reference number which will display your application status.

check application status via application form number
the application form number is present on the acknowledge receipt that is given to you. this number can also be entered which will allow you to view your credit card application status.

there are various stages of the application status. they are in-progress, approved, dispatched, on-hold, declined, and no records found. in case your status falls under on-hold, declined or no records found, you might have submitted insufficient documents, do not meet the eligibility criteria, or have flawed past records. in the occurrence of such an event, you should contact the bank immediately to have the case resolved. if the status shows approved then your credit card application has been approved by the bank and will show the status as dispatched which means that your credit card will be out for delivery and you will receive it in 3-4 working days.

how to check Kotak credit card application offline?

there are two offline methods to check your application status. it is recommended that you carry your application number and application form number.

check application status via customer care
you can contact the toll-free customer care number of Kotak Mahindra bank to know the status of your application. the customer care number is 1860-266-2666 for Indian callers. the customer care number for international callers varies from country to country. you can visit the Kotak customer care page to know the number for your country. 
you may also SMS them to know the status of your application. the format is CCAPP with your 13 digit application number to the number 5676788 or to 997-105-6767.

check application status via Kotak local branch
you can visit the nearest Kotak branch to know your application status where an employee will help you with the process.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

how long does it take for Kotak Mahindra to process a credit card application?

typically it takes 21 working days for processing the Kotak credit card application. however, you can always check with the bank directly to get an exact estimate of the timeframe.

my credit card status shows dispatched but i haven’t received it yet. what should i do?

cards typically take 3-4 working days to be delivered to you. you can check with the customer care to know the reason for the delay if you still haven’t received your credit card. the customer care number for Indian users is 1860-266-2666 and for international users is 91-22-6600-6022. after you receive the credit card, make sure to check if the package is securely sealed without any signs of tampering.

what could be the possible reasons for my credit card application getting rejected?

generally, factors like CIBIL score, credit card history, background check, debts, etc. are checked when you apply for a credit card. also, if your application lacks sufficient documents, there is a chance of your application getting rejected. you can find out more about the reasons behind the rejection of your card by visiting the nearest branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank.
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where can i pay Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card bill?

you can make Kotak credit card payment online on cred app for free.