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ICICI Amazon Pay credit card: fees, features & benefits

ICICI Amazon Pay credit card: fees, features & benefits

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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explore the Amazon jungle

do you shop often on Amazon? then ICICI Amazon Pay credit card should be in your wallet.  the card offers attractive cashback every time you shop on Amazon, and more importantly, points earned on this card never expire. 
read this article to know credit card benefits, step-by-step application process, eligibility criteria, and fees and charges of ICICI Amazon Pay credit card.



cashback benefit

5% cashback on Amazon for Amazon Prime customers
3% cashback on Amazon for non-prime customers
2% cashback on 100+ Amazon Pay partner merchants by using this card on Amazon Pay
1% cashback on all other retail transactions

fuel surcharge waiver

1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions

dining delights

with ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Program, get a 15% discount on dining bills at partner restaurants

security benefit

the embedded microchip provides security against counterfeiting and duplication of cards

how do i apply for ICICI Amazon Pay credit card?

at present, the card is offered only to ICICI Bank customers using the Amazon app
it is an invite-only program where the selected customers can view the invite on the Amazon app and an application procedure is shared with them on their registered email ID.
interested customers can then apply for credit card and if the application is approved, you will receive a ready to use digital card.
the ICICI Bank will also send a physical card to your registered address within a few days.

types of charge


joining fee


annual fee


cash advance fee

2.5% of the amount withdrawn

finance charge


late payment charge


over limit charge

2.5% of the over limit amount

returned payment fee

2% of the total amount

card replacement fee


foreign currency transaction


cash payment fee


duplicate statement fee (after 3 months)


frequently asked questions (FAQs)

how can i pay my ICICI Amazon Pay credit card bill?

you can use any of the following payment methods for your credit card payment:

  • NEFT
  • online banking
  • cheque or cash deposit at the nearest branch of ICICI Bank
  • CRED app: you can earn additional rewards and cashback by making your ICICI credit card payment on CRED.

how can i use my earnings of ICICI Amazon Pay credit card?

all the earnings of this credit card will be credited to your Amazon account within 2 working days of completion of your last billing statement. the earnings accumulated can be used for partial or complete payment of all Amazon and Amazon Pay purchases.

is there any validity period on my earnings?

no, the earnings on your credit card never expire. also, there are no limits on earnings for this credit card.

how can i earn 2% cashback on Amazon Pay partner sites?

on Amazon Pay partner sites, you have to select “login and pay with Amazon” and use this credit card for payments.

can i apply for an add-on card with the ICICI Amazon Pay credit card?

no. you cannot apply for an add-on card with this card.

how do i contact the customer care of ICICI Amazon Pay credit card?

you can dial this toll-free number 1800 102 0123 to get in touch with the customer service representative.