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IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card: fees, features & benefits

IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card: fees, features & benefits

December 30, 2021
10 min read
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for the deal hoarder in you

do you want a best credit card that provides exclusive deals and rewards? IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card offers ultimate dining benefits, travel discounts, shopping offers, etc. as part of their extensive reward programs. you can also earn additional rewards and cashback by making your IndusInd Bank credit card payment on CRED.
if this is a card you'd like to explore, read on to know about features, credit card benefits, application process, fees and charges, and eligibility criteria for IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card.




Platinum Aura Welcome

dining benefits
travel discounts
shopping offers

EazyDiner gives you gift vouchers to redeem offers like table reservation, guaranteed meal benefits at top 2000 restaurants across 9 cities in India, etc. 
MakeMyTrip gives an e-gift card for purchasing memorable gifts100% discount on base fare and airline fuel charge with JetAirways. it gives you discounts on a one-way journey by using JetAirways promotional codes
access to beautiful designs of Satya Paul collection

Platinum Aura Travel

priority pass program
travel plus program

access to over 700 international airport lounges $27 is waived off when visiting international lounges outside India
travel insurance is available on lost or delayed baggage, loss of passport or ticket and missed connection
8 complimentary visits to international airport lounges outside India

Platinum Aura Concierge

lifestyle offers
travel benefits

pre-booking assistance for sports, exclusive and local events by providing a list of events taking place around you
you can send a gift or flowers to a person anywhere in the world. IndusInd Bank's gift section has a variety of products to choose from
pre-trip information like weather, must-know facts, transport, etc. is made available to you
hotel reservations at the finest hotels across the world
booking flights for your travel

Platinum Aura Freedom

fuel discounts

1% waiver on a surcharge at any petrol pump across India

Platinum Aura Auto-Assist

on-road services

help with any electrical or mechanical damage, towing service or a flat tyre to your vehicle by arranging a mechanic
fuel is delivered to your vehicle if it has been stranded due to lack of fuel
providing battery service to your location to deal with your battery issues
arranging a locksmith if you lock your keys inside your car
giving medical aid and providing with accident management

Platinum Aura Assurance

total-protect services

providing insurance cover in case of loss/theft of credit card up to 48 hours prior to reporting it
protection from counterfeit fraud
air accident insurance cover of up to ₹25 lakhs

how do i apply for the IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card?

you can apply for IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card by following these steps:

  • go to the official IndusInd Bank page
  • under the section ‘i’m interested in’, click on cards > credit cards
  • you will see a pop up at the bottom right corner of the page
  • the pop up will ask you to fill in your details like your name and mobile number
  • fill in your details to get a call back from IndusInd Bank to apply for credit card

how do i check if i’m eligible?

here is the eligibility criteria for applying for an IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card:

  • you should between the age of 21 to 65 years of age
  • you should be working as a regular employee at a well-established company. if you are self-employed, you should be managing your business well
  • you should have a good CIBIL score
  • you should have a regular source of income

types of charges


joining fee


annual fee


add-on card fee


interest rate

3.83% interest will be charged monthly and 46% interest will be charged yearly

over limit charges

2.5% of over-limit amount will be charged with a minimum charge of ₹500

foreign currency transaction

mark up of 3.5%

cash payment fee


late payment charges

₹700 will be charged if the total amount due is more than ₹10,000
₹550 will be charged if the total amount due is between ₹1,001 - ₹10,000
₹350 will be charged if the total amount due is between ₹501 - ₹1,000
₹100 will be charged if the total amount due is between ₹101- ₹500
no charges will be levied if the total amount due is less than ₹100

returned cheque fee


cash advance charges

2.5% of the advance amount with a minimum charge of ₹300

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

does IndusInd Bank charge anything for travel plus program?

yes, the annual fee for the travel plus program is ₹4,000.

how much money is assured under travel insurance coverage?

the sum assured under travel insurance coverage is:

  • lost baggage - ₹1,00,000
  • delayed baggage - ₹25,000
  • loss of passport - ₹50,000
  • loss of ticket - ₹25,000
  • missed connection - ₹25,000

how can i redeem the EazyDiner gift voucher?

follow the steps to redeem your EazyDiner gift voucher:

  • log in to EazyDiner by downloading the app or by visiting their website
  • you will able to view the voucher points in your account under the gift voucher section in your profile
  • then visit the pre-paid meals section present on the homepage and select a restaurant of your choice.
  • select the pre-paid meal option and pay via the gift card payment option

how can i redeem the MakeMyTrip gift card?

follow the steps to redeem your MakeMyTrip gift card:

  • go to the official website of MakeMyTrip and select the hotel of your choice
  • fill in the required details and reach the payment page
  • select ‘gift card’ as your mode of payment and enter the 16-digit gift card number and your 6-digit PIN
  • click on ‘make payment’ and if some balance amount exceeds the amount covered via gift card, you can pay it using any other payment modes

when will my reward points expire?

the reward points won’t expire if your IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura credit card account is live.

is $27 waived off if i use the priority pass program for visiting lounges in India?

no, this offer is not applicable in India.

what number can i use to contact the concierge service?

you can contact the concierge service at 1860 267 7777 for any help.

how much time will the mechanic take to reach me during an emergency if i avail the ‘on-road services’ under Platinum Aura auto-assistance?

it takes 30-45 minutes for a mechanic to reach you during an emergency.

in which cities is the auto-assistance service?

the Platinum auto-assistance service is available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai.

what is the minimum transaction amount for which the fuel waiver benefit applicable?

the fuel waiver benefit is applicable for transactions between ₹400 - ₹4,000.